Texas Common Course Numbering System


The TCCNS Purpose Statement:

The TCCNS is a transferability guide that will aid students, counselors, advisers, and transfer staff in determining course equivalency to higher education institutions.

The TCCNS Goals and Usage* (See Disclaimer Below):

Student Goals:

Students will use the TCCNS to determine how any TCCNS course aligns with various institutional naming and numbering systems.

Student Usage*:

All Texas, public, community colleges are mandated to use the ACGM course inventory in their offerings to students. This ACGM number appears in the TCCNS column in the TCCNS. Students can use the TCCNS to view the courses designed for transfer that each institution offers. Students can also use the TCCNS to view how universities will evaluate various community college courses at their particular, 4-year, institution.
Source: Texas Common Course Numbering System website

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