Solis Beatriz, Spanish

Mrs. Beatriz Solis


Class Schedule Fall 2023:

1 Blk - Spanish 1411 DC

 2 Blk - Spanish 2315 DC
4 Blk - College Career

 5 Blk - Spanish 1411 DC
Room # 211
Tel# (956) 584-6467
Conf. 3rd. Block: 11:15-12:45 PM

"For me, life without literature is inconceivable. I think that Don Quixote
in a physical sense never existed, but Don Quixote exists more than anybody
who existed in 1605. Much more. There is nobody who can compete with
Don Quixote or with Hamlet. So in the end we have the reality of the book
as the reality of the world and the reality of history."

                                    - Carlos Fuentes

enjoy the wonders of a good reading