Keplinger, Justin

Hello, my name is...

Mr. Keplinger
English I Honors

I have fourteen years of teaching experience. I currently hold certifications in English Language Arts and Reading for grades 4-8 and 8-12. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy. Also, I am the UIL Spelling & Vocabulary coach for SHS.   • Undergraduate degree in English from Texas State University in 2008 • Graduate degree in Reading and Literacy from UTRGV in 2016 • Taught at Harmony Science Academy from 2008-2011 • Taught at Progreso ISD from 2012-2021 • Taught at iLearn Schools from 2021-2022 • Taught at SA3 from 2022-2023

I do my best to engage students with a refreshing perspective of learning strategies supplemented with a comfortable and open classroom environment.

My approach to teaching is very naturalistic through lots of hand-on and collaborative learning. I also try to inspire students to be well-rounded and well read while possessing the ability to pass their knowledge on to others.

One of my highest priorities each year is to get my students genuinely passionate about reading and writing as my teachers did for me when I was in school.