Chemistry Pre-AP

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Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy


TUTORING: By Request 

Academic dishonesty will result in a grade of F.


Class Work Activities: vocabulary terms, study guide, reinforcement and enrichment handouts, resource handouts as required per chapter/section. Laboratory investigations and research projects will be done as appropriate per chapter/section in each unit. Other curriculum sources will be used to help students to master content objectives.

                    All class work, home work, labs, and activities are subject to change


Semester 1 (August 17 - October 9)

Unit 1: Atomic Theory and Periodic Table

Unit 2: Matter and States of Matter

Unit 3: Chemical Bonding and Chemical Formulas

Unit 4: Changes in Chemical Reactions

Teacher Prep Day: 09/25/2020

Semester 2 (October 13 – December 18)

Unit 5: Chemical Equations, Reactions, and Stoichiometry

Unit 6: Gases

Unit 7: Changes in Chemical Reactions

Unit 8: Solutions, Acid/Base and Nuclear History

Teacher Prep Day: 11/02/2020

Thanksgiving Break: 11/23/2020-11/27/2020

Course Description

In this course, students use scientific methods and critical thinking to study a variety of chemistry concepts. Topics include matter, the periodic table, atomic structure, chemical bonding and reactions, thermochemistry, and solution chemistry. Texas law requires at least 40% lab and field work.


  • 1 Binder
  • 5 dividers
  • Students are responsible for all materials presented in class, including changes in procedures.
  • Students might have to participate in bringing household materials (for example sugar, baking soda, milk, oil, coffee, vinegar, ammonia, detergent etc.) to be used in lab activities.

Sharyland ISD Grading Guidelines

Grading Categories

Major Assignments: 60% 

I. Tests & Projects:

  1. Test will be given upon completion of a chapter or unit.
  2. Ample time will be allowed in class to review the test.
  3. Re-teaching and retesting will be done according to school policy.
  4. Retesting does not apply to class work, homework, lab work, projects, and quizzes.
  5. There will be a minimum of three grades from this category.
  6. Tests will include materials covered in the class and the lab.

Minor Assignments: 40% 

II. Class work & Homework:

  1. Class work & Homework may include Chapter Vocabulary, Chapter Reviews, Section Reviews, reinforcement & enrichment handouts, and any other activity the teacher chooses.
  2. May include any other activity the teacher chooses to label as Classwork or Homework.
  3. Homework is due at the beginning of the class.
  4. Late work will be accepted according to district’s grading policy.
  5. The policy for accepting the late work due to excused absences follows the school policy.

III. Lab work & Quizzes:

  1. Detention or lab grade of a “0” may be given for not following the lab safety rules.
  2. Students who break or damage the lab equipment due to not following the lab safety rules will be required to replace the equipment.
  3. Each student and parent is required to sign the lab safety contract prior going to the lab
  4. Each student is required to pass the lab safety test prior to going to the lab.
  5. Students are recommended to notify the teacher for planned absences.
  6. Quizzes can be given any time and may cover material covered in the class or lab the day before.

IV. Binder:

  1. One Binder will be kept to include:
    1. Bell Work
    2. Notes
    3. Handouts
    4. Quizzes
    5. Labs

    B. Binders will be graded for completeness, neatness, and organization.

Make-up Work

  • Students with an EXCUSED ABSENCE from school (including off-campus suspension) will have the opportunity to make up missed work at the rate of one day for one day missed, with a maximum of five days. Students who are absent but had prior notice of a major or minor assignment must complete the assignment on the first day back to school.Students will receive a zero for any major or minor assignment not made up within the allotted time. 
  • Students with an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE may not make up missed work; however, if the unexcused absence is determined to be caused by an extenuating circumstances, make up work may be allowed. The grade for makeup work will be no higher than a 70.


  • PreAP/AP/ Dual Enrollment (taught by Sharyland ISD teachers) students will not be allowed to retest to redo a failing major assignment


  • If 50% or more of students in a class fail a major assignment, the entire class will receive reteaching of the content using a different instructional strategy from the original presentation. All students will be given an alternative major assignment. Students will receive the higher of the two grades earned. The teacher will indicate in the gradebook that the assignment was retaught.

Late Work

Major Assignments

  • All students will be given 2 additional days to make up LATE MAJOR ASSSIGNMENT and may be required additional tutoring, assignments, etc., as appropriate (with a progressive grade penalty of 15 points/day).

    Minor Assignments

  • PreAP/AP/ Dual Enrollment (taught by Sharyland ISD teachers) students will not be allowed to submit late minor work.

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