About Me


Mr. Gerardo C. Martinez

About Me

I lived in Monterrey, Mexico for the first eleven years of my life. Shortly after my birthday, my dad informed us that we would be moving to the United States. Once here, my mom enrolled me in the McAllen school system, in which I attended two middle schools: Lamar and De Leon. During high school, I went to Nikki Rowe High School before enrolling at UTPA. 

I graduated in 2006 with a degree in English Literature and I have been teaching ever since. I taught one year at the ECISD, but I was called in April of 2008 because Sharyland was looking for a tennis coach. I have been here ever since and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school. I attained a Master's Degree in Literature in 2013 and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership in 2016.

My hobbies include reading (of course), playing tennis, running, cycling, and learning about new technology. I am currently starting to train for a cross-country bike ride this summer.